While foil balloons are not currently biodegradable, they do have many uses to extend their lives for years to come. Here are a few of our suggestions!

  1. Re-inflate them!
    Valved Microfoil balloons can be inflated over and over again, given their seals remain intact and they don’t develop any holes.
  2. Giftwrapping
    Birthday balloons are the perfect way to wrap a birthday gift for your loved one!
  3. Replace tissue paper in gift boxes or bags
    Similar to giftwrapping, foil balloons make perfect tissue paper for gifts!
  4. Scrapbooking
    A gifted balloon is a wonderful memory of a momentous occasion like the birth of a baby. What better way to remember that than including pieces of it in a scrapbook?
  5. Fuse them together
    With the use of an iron, you can fuse foil balloons together to create a blanket to keep in your car for emergencies or for a festive tablecloth.
  6. Use as packing material when mailing boxes
    Partially inflate old foil balloons to take up space in boxes rather than purchasing packing peanuts or other wasteful materials.
  7. Donate them to a local school for art projects
    Each year, grade schools around the world create fun craft projects for Earth Day (April 22). What fun they would have coming up with creative uses for colorful foil balloons!
  8. Cut into strips and use as tinsel on your Christmas tree
    The colorful, reflective nature of foil balloons make them perfect to adorn in strips on a Christmas tree.
  9. Turn them into flowers
    Cut the balloons into squares and use them to make "tissue paper" flowers for a shiny bouquet reminder of the day.
  10. Make Pom Poms
    Much like the tissue paper flowers, turn old foil balloons into pom poms.
  11. Use them for rainy day craft ideas with kids
    Foil balloons can take the place of tissue paper in these fun craft ideas.